Many modern smartphones ranging from mid to flagship models are now equipped with amazing imaging components. In fact, some are considerably superior to your average digital or DSLR. Still, ask any photography enthusiast and they prefer to stick with traditional gear. If so, then perhaps the new M 10-R in a black paint finish from Leica might be what they need.

The German group has been in the business since 1914 and is known for its hand-assembled lenses and other products related to optics. In fact, it continues to earn praises for the amazing camera technology the ships with Huawei’s high-end handset models.

The M 10-R is a wonderful and compact option for professionals and casual photographers alike. We love how Leica chooses to retain the classic aesthetic. Plus, the blackout colorway is another personal favorite of ours here. In fact, the familiar red dot logo of the brand is no longer visible.

Instead, you have the Leica branding in a cursive white font followed by a print below that reads Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany. Then there’s the ISO and shutter speed dials and their signature cross knurling with a release button in a silver chrome finish.

The sleek and premium mirrorless camera boasts an all-metal die-cast magnesium body. This provides a lightweight and durable construction. Likewise the black synthetic leather cover of the M 10-R that not only looks good but enhances your grip as well.

Underneath the glossy black coat of the top section is brass. Unless you are really careful with your M 10-R, it will eventually chip off. Still, this is part of Leica’s gimmick as the metal eventually develops a unique patina over time. Finally, a 1/4-inch DIN stainless steel tripod tread can be found on the bottom.

Buy – $9,295

Images courtesy of Leica