We can always count on a Danish toymaker to keep fuel our need for hobbies amid the pandemic. It has been one awesome kit after another this 2021 and there’s even more to come. Some of our favorites this year include a collection of automobiles, a wonder of the world, and so much more. LEGO’s latest is a big surprise, as it introduces the Typewriter under its Ideas banner.

It might be an odd choice for the LEGO set, but the elements and story behind it are quite interesting. The product page notes that the Typewriter kit is a tribute to the company’s founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen. This 2,079-piece build is a plastic brick mockup of the machine he was using back in the day.

Credit for this thoughtful and tangible homage goes to Steve Guinness. A huge fan of LEGO and vintage typewriters, his design is more than a display piece. For folks who were able to use one before computers finally took over will love the attention to detail.

The mint green housing is the classic color you can find on many typewriters from the 1950s. Just like the real thing, it has working keys, a moving carriage, and even an ink ribbon. In fact, you can even feed a sheet of paper into the roller.

If you hate stickers, there are none here as the Typewriter kit features printed characters on the keys. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this lineup, then you’re in for a treat. You see, LEGO is encouraging creative individuals to submit their original creations. Those whose works are selected for commercial production will even receive a percentage of the royalties from sales.

Buy – $199.99

Images courtesy of LEGO