As much as we try to deny it, men never really grow up. Deep down we are still kids who want to own the latest toys and have fun. Some might argue that gadgets and other vices might have taken its place. However, the truth is we still yearn for all the awesome stuff we grew up with. One of those beloved items is LEGO and the company sure knows its market. While regular and special edition playsets are still cool, the Technic catalogue is where the place to be. Top Gear is collaborating with the Danish toy outfit to give us an app-controlled Rally Car.

When it comes to LEGO products, the more pieces there are, the more we want it. Letting your imagination run free is what really matters with these plastic bricks. On the other hand, the Technic series is the most versatile of the bunch. What makes the Top Gear Rally Car set great is the two-fold enjoyment the package offers. The fun starts during the building phase wherein we get to work with all of the 463 pieces. Seeing the pieces slowly take the form of the vehicle is pure bliss.

Once the deed is done, it’s time to take the wheel and drive this remote-controlled ride around. The LEGO Top Gear Rally Car is Bluetooth-ready and interfaces using the companion app on your smartphone. This is a perfect gift for gearheads who love the Show and LEGO at the same time. We’re seriously thinking of getting one, probably after we’re done building the other sets we have pending.

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Images courtesy of LEGO