Research indicates that no two humans – even monozygotic twins – are genetically identical. This purportedly comes from mutations during development. This biological diversity means there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to ergonomics. However, companies like FlexiSpot understand the needs of consumers and strive to consistently improve their products. For example, their latest standing desk – the E7 Pro Plus — is brimming with outstanding upgrades.

The company has been gracious enough to send over a sample for us to check out and just like their previous outings, this new model is a solid choice. As we hinted at above, the problem with regular office or home furniture is that these follow industry standard dimensions. As such, it cannot completely accommodate the varying physical proportions of every user.

A solution imposed by the folks over at FlexiSpot is to integrate superior adjustability. You’ve probably encountered something similar from other brands, but these usually require manual manipulation. The E7 Pro Plus, on the other hand, opts for intuitive versatility via new drive motors embedded within the legs. Pair it with a robust frame that can accommodate a wide selection of desktops.

This allows buyers to customize their standing desks according to their personal tastes. The angled touch controls are conveniently within reach and feature multiple buttons to toggle the height, save presets, and charge other devices via the USB-A port on the side. Your E7 Pro Plus can lift up to 353 lbs. and can quietly raise and lower the desktop at a rate of 1.57 inches per second.

So far, we have put the E7 Pro Plus through its paces here at the office and found that it delivers everything advertised. In fact, we’ve written this overview/review on it and constantly switch between sitting and standing as prompted by our smartwatch’s health tracking systems. You can grab this standing desk now or wait for FlexiSpot’s upcoming anniversary sale pegged for August 28 to September 1, 2023, for up to 50% off their wares.

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Images courtesy of FlexiSpot