Following the success of his Dog Hut Side Table, designer Liam de la Bedoyere created another furniture that caters to man’s best friend. This time opting for an office table called The Dog Hut Desk, which features a dedicated spot for a dog to nap.

There’s no question the level of comfort that our pooch can offer us when we’re stressed out, be it from work or with day to day life. Whether it be from playing with them to boost our mood or simply cuddling with them, they can instantly calm us down or uplift our spirits. 

As such, The Dog Hut Desk is a great addition to our home office setup. It’s a wooden desk that boasts a minimalist yet fully functional design for both human and pet alike. The table is held upright on one side with a metal U leg and the other end is wood shaped in a small letter D.

The space formed under the curve is spacious enough for a cushiony mattress where our pooch can sleep as we work. So whenever we need a perk-me-up we can easily reach out and pat our pet. 

The downside is if you have a rowdy pet. The Dog Hut Desk may not be a good idea if you want to concentrate on your work. It would only be feasible if your dog is obedient or one that prefers to sleep at all times. This is also only applicable to smaller sized dogs like a chihuahua, a pug, or a Shih Tzu given the limited nap space for a big sized dog. 

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Images courtesy of Liam de la Bedoyere/Behance