If you find a traditional scale model kit too challenging, there are plenty of alternatives to consider instead. Most of the people we know who attempted such a project hated the small parts that needed to be cut, sanded, glued, and painted. Why not give LEGO a shot and start with the BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M Hybrid V8 Race Cars?

Although most of us here occasionally mess around with classic hobby kits, LEGO sets, tend to feel more therapeutic. There are no adhesives involved save for some decals and each part interlocks securely. Plus, the instructions are highly detailed and easy to follow even for novices.

The Danish toymaker already has a huge catalog to choose from, but its automotive lineup like this one under Speed Champions is always a treat to assemble. There are 672 pieces in the BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M Hybrid V8 Race Cars package. It’s described as “perfect for both kids and adult collectors to build, display and stage amazing races.

These plastic replicas of the real deal equate to hours of fun solo or slightly shorter with an extra pair of hands to help out. Authentic details such as the rear wings, diffuser, BMW M motorsport livery, and tailpipes will make any gearhead happy. Two driver minifigures are included and can be positioned inside each vehicle via the removable roof.

“Speed Champions sets let kids and passionate car fans build replica versions of some of the world’s most iconic vehicles. They will be thrilled to create high-quality models from LEGO bricks, featuring distinctive details,” writes LEGO. The BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M Hybrid V8 Race Cars are scheduled to drop early next month.

Images courtesy of LEGO