For the guys and gals who were either kids or adults in the ‘80s, a toy, TV show, and movie franchise debuted and changed everything. The number of transforming action figures that it sold and continues to sell is phenomenal. LEGO finally makes it possible to build our own Transformers mech with the Optimus Prime kit.

Everybody has their favorites, but the charismatic leader of the Autobots continues to be the most iconic. We’ve all seen various versions that span generations which even include reissues. The most recent one from Hasbro and Robosen is the Auto-Converting Optimus Prime.

Meanwhile, LEGO understands what its target demographic dreams of. With the success of the Voltron kit under its Ideas line, they’re cashing in big with this 1,508-piece Creator Expert set. Long-time fans are guaranteed hours of enjoyment as every plastic brick eventually forms the towering Optimus Prime.

We still can’t believe how the Danish toymaker’s team of creatives came up with the joint systems that allow it to transform between robot and truck form. LEGO notes that there are 19 points of articulation which makes this impressively poseable. The chest section opens to reveal and store the replica Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

As with most of their kits, it includes a display plaque so you can proudly show it off once completed. Accessories such as an Energon Cube, an Energon Axe, an ion blaster, the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, and a jetpack are all buildable. The attention to detail here is outstanding. Finally, in robot mode, Optimus Prime stands over 13.5 inches tall.

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Images courtesy of LEGO