We’ve noticed that LEGO often has impeccable timing with its releases. For example, months ahead of Star Wars Day, interested buyers can already pre-order SKUs slated to drop a month or so later. Meanwhile, its latest drop is due to ship out early in August but is poised to take advantage of the hype surrounding the ocean’s most fearsome fishes. Behold this awesome Jaws set!

Back when people had extremely limited knowledge about sharks, many believed they were just mindless man-eaters. However, a movie based on a novel by Peter Benchley and directed by Steven Spielberg further stoked everyone’s fear of sharks. Thankfully, marine biologists now have a better understanding of these magnificent animals and so do we.

LEGO’s big reveal happens to coincide with a highly anticipated annual program by Discovery Channel called Shark Week. This hit show continues to promote the conservation of these predators and also educate people about them. The Jaws kit is sold under the IDEAS series and features iconic characters as well as the beast from the 1975 thriller.

Marketed for enthusiasts 18 years old and above, item number 21350 includes 1,497 pieces and three minifigures. LEGO does not consistently come up with cool box art but Jaws is one you’ll want to display along with the finished project. The diorama included three minigures of Sam Quint, Matt Hooper, Chief Martin Brody, Bruce, and the Orca.

Once completed, it measures approximately 14″ x 23″ x 7.5″ and is ready to display. “Build the ultimate fan-inspired display set that recreates the thrilling scene in the movie Jaws where Quint, Chief Brody and Hooper faced down the shark from the deck of the Orca,” writes LEGO. Jaws is scheduled to hit retailers on August 6, 2024.

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Images courtesy of LEGO