LEGO has been generously catering to Star Wars fans with one awesome kit after another. There is a huge selection available for every skill level and the catalog regularly grows with new sets throughout the year. For example, we have the upcoming Invisible Hand under the Starship Collection as well as the Millennium Falcon dropping this March.

If you want to hold off for now and wait for Star Wars Day, that’s fine. However, we believe it’s better to be occupied with a weekend project like SKU 75375 until then. Like General Grievous’ aforementioned Providence-class Dreadnought, LEGO describes it as a mid-scale version of the YT-1300 light freighter from the films.

Unfortunately, no minifigures are included in the box, which some may consider a dealbreaker of sorts. Anyway, the Millennium Falcon measures 5″ x 9.5″ x 7.5″ (H x L x W) and comes with a buildable display stand. Although it pales in comparison to the massive 7,541-piece variant, there are plenty of bricks to keep you busy.

In fact, the product page lists a total of 921 pieces — a cakewalk for experienced LEGO enthusiasts. Even novices can handle it with minimal supervision as long as they stick with the instructions. Share the fun with others to shorten the time it takes to fully assemble or do it solo when you have free time.

“Channel Jedi-like focus and mindfulness to recreate authentic details of this iconic starship, as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope. Display your creation on a buildable stand that’s designed to show the Millennium Falcon at a dynamic angle, as if in flight. Add the nameplate and a LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary brick to complete a centerpiece that is sure to inspire nostalgic memories,” reads the description.

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Images courtesy of LEGO