Let’s take a break from the usual LEGO sets that many would consider as a challenge even for adults. Instead, what you see here might look like a convoluted mishmash of bricks that could pass for modern art in certain circles. However, the Magic Maze is unlike any of the kits we’ve featured before.

While it can certainly be displayed like every other product in the Danish toymaker’s huge catalog, SKU# 40596 is designed to test your motor skills. Don’t let the age indication on the box tell you otherwise, because even grown men need to brush up on their hand-eye coordination.

Although playing video games is far more entertaining and immersive, what the Magic Maze literally brings to the table is something tangible. You can probably say it also engages our sensory skills in a traditional sense, which is part of its appeal. At only 332 pieces, it won’t take up too much of your time.

It can’t get any more wholesome than this right here as family members can try to outdo one another. Just set a timer and see who can guide the ball through the obstacles the fastest. As the product description reads, “master a game that encourages patience, balance and precision.” Hence, it is a welcome addition to any LEGO collection.

The Magic Maze official page writes, “Guide the marble into the whale’s mouth by tilting the playing field and avoiding the holes and obstacles. Roll the marble through the desert, grassland and over the red bridge, and meet cute characters including a ladybug and a sheep!” So, are you ready to take on this challenge? We certainly are!

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Images courtesy of LEGO