The pandemic may not be over yet but travel restrictions are certainly slowly easing. As such, it’s time to catch up on those missed travel plans and start packing up. When it comes to travel, the airport becomes a fashion runway not just for clothing but also for the quintessential travel gear: the suitcase. Liam de la Bedoyere, head of Dalebrook Supplies in the U.K., wants to give you more reasons to travel in style with his LEGO-inspired suitcase.

It boasts the likeness and function of the much-loved LEGO toys. It has the now-familiar studs and a pair of tubes on one side. It has a telescopic handle on the top and a couple of small handles on either sides. 

Moreover, this suitcase is stackable definitely just like the LEGO bricks. You can pile one on top of the other, which would come in handy when going through the baggage area. You don’t have to worry about your luggage sliding off when you stack them up and risk losing or misplacing the other. 

Aside from its stylish design, this LEGO-inspired suitcase also comes in attractive colors. It is rendered in blue, gray, and red. All come in black zipper closures, four black wheels, and black handles. It may just be a concept for now. But it’s certainly going to impress LEGO fans and the young-at-heart, especially since it looks like those brick toys. Just imagine the envious stares you’ll be getting at the airport with this fun suitcase in tow. 

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Images courtesy of Yanko Design