How would you rate your creativity when it comes to original LEGO builds? Most of us can probably come up with basic replicas of buildings, cars, spaceships, and other cool stuff. However, there are people out there who push the boundaries of what’s possible with the standard plastic bricks. Take for example this Antique Chandelier from DallasBricks.

For those wondering where they can find these unique creations, there are a bunch of awesome submissions to LEGO’s Ideas website. These entries have a chance to become actual retail sets if they get enough votes from users. In fact, we’ve featured several already like the Tree House, The Office, Table Football, and Typewriter.

As of this writing, the Antique Chandelier already garnered 210 supporters with 361 days left. Thus, if you want to help it reach the finish line and become a commercial kit, register and vote for it. A quick check of his previous work shows several were tagged as staff picks by the LEGO Ideas team.

To mimic the design of vintage light fixtures, he opted for a chrome-gold tone and used existing pieces. According to the description, the most integral parts of the build are the “rigid hoses” (part number 75c47). He claims “It’s so strong that it’s very hard to insert and remove it from the pieces.”

Completed, the LEGO Antique Chandelier measures 9.5” x 9.5” x 15” (L x W x H) or 30 x 30 x 50.7 standard studs. It also weighs about 17.872 ounces or 506.7 grams. Sadly, there was no way to integrate LEDs for illumination. Nevertheless, the transparent elements do a good enough job to emulate the function. Overall, we think it deserves more recognition and hope it becomes a retail set.

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Images courtesy of LEGO/Ideas