With a healthy dose of imagination and a huge selection of plastic bricks, LEGO aficionados can build almost anything. So far, we’ve seen personal creations turned into retail sets courtesy of the company’s IDEAS initiative. However, if you prefer to just simply enjoy with detailed instructions to follow along the way, check out this awesome Icons Pac-Man Arcade kit.

Some of us grew up playing at the arcades until home consoles eventually took over. There were a lot of memorable titles available back then wherein folks tried to beat each other’s high scores. One of those legendary games was Pac-Man, which was published by Namco at the time. It was a huge hit across the globe and evokes fond memories among aging gamers.

If you’re one of those who experienced everything firsthand, then LEGO’s latest Icons SKU offers a trip down memory lane. There are 2,651 pieces in the box along with one minifigure. In fact, this would make a wonderful gift for anybody who grew up when the arcade scene was in full swing.

The LEGO Icons Pac-Man Arcade set lets us build a tabletop version of the cabinet brimming with cool details. The Danish toymaker even adds a mechanical feature wherein a turn of the handle simulates how the on-screen characters move around like the actual game. Furthermore, the coin slot is even illuminated with a light brick.

Thankfully, it does not need quarters to operate. The rear panel of the cabinet is removable to view the articulating parts. A buildable miniature diorama is likewise included and can be stored within the LEGO Icons Pac-Man Arcade kit. Once completed, it measures 12.5” x 10” x 7” and would look great on a display cabinet or on top of a desk.

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Images courtesy of LEGO