Lately, we have been fascinated with the renewed interest in supersonic flight. Both startups and longtime players in the aviation industry are now developing commercial aircraft that would allow passengers to experience what it’s like to break the sound barrier. While we wait, LEGO allows us to build a replica of an icon of faster-than-sound travel – the Concorde.

Marketed under its Icons series, SKU# 10318 is a tribute to the passenger plane that was operated by British Airways and Air France. When it was still in service, flights from London to New York took only three hours. Its maximum cruising speed was clocked at 1,354 mph, which puts it at about Mach 2.04.

With this new set, you can assemble and display a cool replica of the jet. According to LEGO, the Icons Concorde will drop on September 7, 2023, and carry a retail price of $199.99. Inside the box are 2,083 plastic bricks that would form the delta-wing airliner. Once completed, its dimensions are listed as 42” x 17” x 6” (L x W x H).

The kit features a mix of standard and Technic pieces. Aside from the aircraft, a buildable stand to show off its various modes. The Icons Concorde touts articulating parts for you to configure and play with. Among those indicated are the landing gear, rudders, elevons, nose cone, and others.

To make it more interactive, a section of the fuselage opens to show off the interiors. Aviation industry fanatics will find this worth their time and money. Maybe when a new supersonic platform becomes available in the future, LEGO might give it the same treatment as the Icons Concorde.

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Images courtesy of LEGO