Building LEGO sets remains a popular hobby across all age groups. Kids and adults have a huge catalog to choose from as every kit offers varying degrees of difficulty. In addition to original releases, its tie-ins with other brands appeal to a larger audience. It’s long-running partnership with Marvel now gives us the Captain America’s Shield and it’s huge.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is still a huge cash cow for Disney despite the declining interest due to what surveys peg as franchise fatigue. Nevertheless, comic book fans are ready to splurge on whatever item they can get their hands on. LEGO has a solid track record when it comes to superhero-themed products and SKU# 76262 seems like another surefire hit.

For their latest outing, we have a life-sized replica of the “iconic symbol of freedom” that will require hours to complete. The more complicated the build, the more rewarding it feels after completion. The Captain America’s Shield scale model is made up of 3,128 pieces. This is even more than some of the automotive Technic sets released back then.

Despite the conclusion of the Infinity Saga films, the demand for official memorabilia and toys does not appear to wane over time. The Captain America’s Shield would be a welcome addition to anyone’s Marvel-themed kit collection. Once all the bricks are in place, it measures 18.5” in diameter and includes a stand and nameplate to display it with.

This may not be crafted out of Vibranium, but anyone who has ever stepped on a piece of LEGO will attest to their painful toughness. The Captain America’s Shield package also ships with a minifigure of Steve Rogers that you can pose with his own shield and Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, just like in the epic conclusion of the Avenger’s fight with Thanos.

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Images courtesy of LEGO