Nintendo enjoys a legendary status in the gaming industry and every first-party IP is typically a guaranteed success each time a new title launches. Despite the unfortunate timing of its release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a smash hit during the pandemic. Now, it’s getting the LEGO treatment comprised of five kits to build and display.

Listed as a social simulation game, it presents players with a laid-back atmosphere that encourages patience alongside a wealth of customization options. After the runaway success of the Danish toymaker’s partnership with Nintendo and its Super Mario franchise, we believe the Animal Crossing lineup is destined to become one as well.

Before anything else, we need to keep our excitement in check as these won’t be available until March 2024. It’s still a few months away, but here are the sets you can choose from. We have the Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities, Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour, Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House, Isabelle’s House Visit, and Julian’s Birthday Party.

For reference, these are tagged as SKU 77047, 77048, 77050, 77049, and 77046, respectively. As for the pricing, the LEGO Animal Crossing collection starts at $14.99 for the lowest and $74.99 for the highest. Fans of the series can easily complete any of these kits and role-play interactions from the video game.

LEGO versions of the characters are full of lively details and remarkably accurate to their in-game counterparts. The number of pieces varies per kit as well as the number of minifigures included. Nevertheless, Animal Crossing enthusiasts are bound to grab one of each and create a whimsical diorama to proudly show off at home.

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Images courtesy of LEGO