Leatherman celebrates turning 40 years old with a new tool in its Garage lineup called BATCH #005, aptly named as it’s the fifth in a series of limited-edition runs, with names like Mr. Crunch, The Darkside, Parts, and the fourth EUROPE75. 

The Leatherman Garage BATCH #005 features a butterfly-opening design and is built on a FREE multi-tool platform, a system that facilitates one-handed opening and closing. It opens to reveal an astonishing 20 utility tools that can perform small to medium tasks and get you out of sticky situations. There’s a set of hard wire cutters, a spring-action needle nose and regular pliers, a package opener, an electrical crimper, and spring-action scissors. 

Moreover, this multi-tool has an awl, bottle openers, a wood saw, a wood and metal file, a pry tool, an edge file, and large and small bit drivers with replaceable bits. What makes this limited run special is the primary blade, which boasts a sheepsfoot profile and a plain edge at merely 2.80″ long. This Cerakote-finished blade is 20% thicker than Leatherman’s standard blades because it is constructed of American-made CPM MagnaCut blade steel. This is a great knife steel because it boasts toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance.

Aside from the blade being sturdy, Leatherman also equipped the Garage Batch #005 with a new thumb-stud setup that deploys the blade, bringing the tool to a total of 6.5″ long. When closed, it is 4.25″ long.

The Leatherman garage Batch #005 is compact but won’t disappear in your pocket. It’s got a comfortable heft at 8.65 ounces. As another bonus, all the tools lock in place, not just the primary blade. This run is limited to only 1,983 units worldwide, which is a nod to the year that Leatherman was founded. 

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Images courtesy of Leatherman