Leatherman first debuted its use of the famous MagnaCut steel for its limited-edition Garage Batch #005 multi-tool back in July. But this time, the Portland-based gear manufacturer finally made it a permanent feature with the ARC multi-tool.

Taking design cues from its predecessor, the ARC features 20 useful utility tools in a compact build. At just 6.45″ (opened) and at a weight of 8.6 oz, this gear packs the brand’s most popular and highly-requested features. These include large and small bit drivers (comes with eight double-ended bits), a diamond-coated file, a needlenose and regular nose pliers, a pry tool, a wood/metal file, and a large screwdriver.

It also has premium replaceable regular wire and hard wire cutters, a bottle and can opener, awl, saw, wire stripper, electrical crimper, an edge file, an impact surface, and spring-action scissors. Leatherman’s ARC also offers the convenience of adding or changing bit drivers and is compatible with their Bit Kit.

All the tools lock in place aside from the plier head for security and efficiency during use. The tools are also accessible from the outside even without opening the gear via a thumb stud. Leatherman ups the convenience factor by taking advantage of their most-advanced FREE technology which uses magnets to open the multi-tool swiftly and smoothly even with just one hand. This tech gives a satisfying click when the tool is locked in place.

Moreover, this is the first-ever multi-tool to offer the premium CPM MagnaCut steel as a permanent feature on the 2.76″ long blade. MagnaCut steel is famous for its sharp edge, corrosion resistance , toughness, and ease of sharpening. The DLC coating on the blade enhances its corrosion resistance. This makes Leatherman’s ARC multi-tool perfect for everyday tasks even when used outdoors in the harshest of environments.   

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Images courtesy of Leatherman