Italy’s design company Leaos has recently unveiled an innovative electric 2-wheeler, dubbed the Pressed Bike. Why innovative? Well, although the naked eye can’t see it, the bike’s entire frame is crafted of two ultralight aluminum sheets welded together.

Available in a single speed configuration, the Pressed Bike is powered by a 250 Watt rear wheel motor connected to a removable battery that offers a range of 56 miles. Top speed is a decent 16 mph.

Weighing in at a total of 31 lb, the bike includes a minimalist digital display, Schwalbe suspension, and disc brakes front & rear. Optional accessories include mudguards, rack & bags, and light system, while the ‘Smart package’ can be configured with a smartphone app, GPS antitheft, code lock, and cloud supervision.

Learn More From Leaos $3,500