If what matters to you is not the size of the yacht but the aesthetics and features, then Lazzarini Design is your go-to studio. So far, all the vessels we’ve highlighted from them have been nothing short of spectacular. Their recent reveal of the Royal Alpha One is not about to buck that trend just yet.

Instead of going the grand direction like most of its previous concepts, its latest watercraft is a modest 65-footer. Don’t let the measurements detract from the opulence this ship brings to the table. Since this is the Italian outfit we’re talking about, the Royal Alpha One is brimming with awesomeness all around.

The futuristic and aggressive styling of the Royal Alpha One is akin to that of some hypercars. The sleek hydrodynamic lines of its hull and aerodynamic silhouette of the upper structure already tells us this is one fast machine. Furthermore, it will be outfitted with Volvo’s IPS 950 engines, which should be enough to push up to 40 knots.

Lazzarini Design is supposedly planning an optional hydrogen-electric propulsion system. Therefore, clients can go for an eco-friendly configuration for their leisure needs. Wraparound glazing on the hull and the glass and carbon fiber construction of the superstructure both ensure adequate natural lighting with panoramic views.

The lower deck holds the three ensuite staterooms and a tender garage near the aft beach club. On the main deck are a lounge area, a dining area, and the cockpit. Take the stairs up to access the rooftop jacuzzi and sunbeds. The Royal Alpha One is still in the concept phase, but Lazarrini Design will be happy to build one for the right price.

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Images courtesy of Lazzarini Design