Whenever Lazzarini Design pops up in our news feeds, we know that it’s going to be about something spectacular. We are still in awe of the bold blueprint of the 279-foot Icaria superyacht. However, it seems they are ready with another jaw-dropping concept. The Italian Studio is drawing inspiration from the Prancing Horse emblem for the Gran Turismo Mediterranea.

Just like the supercar manufacturer it pays tribute to, this marine vessel touts a sleek silhouette. The sharp outline of its exterior is further accentuated by aerodynamic wings. Just like the ones you find on Ferrari’s machines, these will improve performance when the Gran Turismo Mediterranea picks up speed.

Lazzarini Design did not share any specifics about the propulsion system, but hints that it should max out at 70 knots. At 88 feet, there’s more than enough room for whatever the owner desires. Discerning buyers usually have full control over what they want to add or remove.

Nonetheless, the default layout shows a sundeck that doubles into a garage for your vehicle of choice. Hopefully, it would be a Ferrari, so it matches the prestigious marque which is the muse behind the Gran Turismo Mediterranea. An extending platform makes it easy to drive on or off the ship.

Much like some exotic supercars, it features gullwing doors the provide access to the forward section of the Gran Turismo Mediterranea. Inside, you’ll find pilot seats for two, a lounge, guest cabins, and accommodations for the crew as well. If you end up with an even larger watercraft, then perhaps this can double as a tender.

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Images courtesy of Lazzarini Design