Just as EVs are gradually becoming ubiquitous, electric powertrains are also trickling down to two-wheelers. Another form of green transport that’s taking the world by storm is the humble bicycle. These days, urban commuters have more options available. Perhaps the Pendler concept from LAYER Design will eventually become another awesome addition to the e-bike scene.

Instead of the usual step-through frame some models have, the firm goes for a bold “U” shape form factor. To keep the structure rigid despite the absence of the top tube, it comes with a noticeably beefier frame. Hence, it gives the Pendler an almost comical aesthetic.

LAYER Design describes it as a “compact urban e-bike that combines high-performance technology with a finely crafted aesthetic to create a new vision for urban commuting that aligns not only with a user’s performance needs for efficient travel, but also their lifestyle aspirations.”

Apart from its unique look, the Pendler also uses a modular system for its accessories. The add-ons include cargo racks, a smartphone dock, and more. These allow owners to carry luggage or groceries and use their handset for navigation and other telemetry data.

There might be situations wherein the e-bike needs to be stored. LAYER Design already has it in mind and engineers the Pendler for portability. It features 20” wheels, folding pedals, detachable components, and handlebars that can turn 90 degrees. These make it easy to travel aboard public transportation with your ride in tow.

The telescoping saddle lets you dial in the most comfortable riding position. A swappable 25 Wh battery is positioned just in front of the seat tube. It can power the Pendler’s electric motor to hit speeds of up to 16 mph. Meanwhile, the range is around 43 miles.

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Images courtesy of LAYER Design