Most of us are finally embracing the eco-friendly lifestyle as the tech industry caters to what was previously thought of a niche market. Therefore, we are now seeing an influx of green alternatives for our homes, mobility, and so much more. All-electric modes of transportation will eventually overtake traditional platforms. Meanwhile, solar energy is becoming the go-to source of power for many. LAVO unveils its Green Energy Storage System for folks who want to make a difference.

Modern solar panels are in an array that leads to a power inverter which then connects to your home’s power grid. Unfortunately, this comes with its share of caveats. Professionals recommend that we should hook our system up to a battery to store excess energy produced during the day.

What LAVO offers is a replacement for lithium-ion units, which leave a massive carbon footprint during production. The Green Energy Storage System, on other hand, uses something else. Company CEO Alan Yu states: “We are an enabler for positive change, empowering consumers to do good, supporting the community and contributing towards improving the environment.”

The LAVO Green Energy Storage System is a renewable energy solution for people with a solar panel system at home. It can store more than 40 kWh of electricity which is supposedly enough for days of off-grid power for an average household. Measuring 66 x 49 x 15.7 inches and weighing 714 lbs, it’s not something you will be moving around. Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to monitor and control your energy usage remotely. We hope it becomes available in most markets soon.

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Images courtesy of LAVO