The new LARQ Bottle PureVis 2 encourages you to constantly hydrate and drink only clean water through sustainable means (forget the single use plastic water bottles). It utilizes a two-stage filtration and purification system and an integrated app for hydration tracking and reminders. 

This bottle uses Nano Zero filters tested to NSF 42 & 53 standards to enhance taste and remove harmful contaminants such as chlorine and PFOA/PFOS. It also utilizes PureVis technology to eliminate up to 99.99% of bio-contaminants such as E.coli. and Salmonella. 

Moreover, the LARQ Bottle PureVis 2 lets you track your water consumption and customize hydration reminders using the LARQ smartphone app.  The app also works with Apple Health so you can get insights and get full control of your hydration game. Afterall, water is essential for overall mental and physical wellness. 

Conveniently, this bottle saves you the trouble of having to clean it from time to time. PureVis tech activates every two hours to keep the bottle clean and stink-free in a non-toxic way. Plus, it’s very easy to use. Simply plug in the USB-C charging cable, download the LARQ app, and follow the pairing instructions. Then prep the filter by removing it from its pod and rinsing it under running water for 10 seconds. Make sure it’s completely soaked.

The LARQ Bottle PureVis 2 activates two ways. A single press turns on the 1-minute cleaning cycle or the Normal mode, while double-clicking triggers the Adventure Mode or the 3-minute cycle. This bottle even comes in a selection of colorways, is double-wall insulated, comes in a swig or sip spout, and offers either Bluetooth, Over-the-Air, iOS or Android connectivity.

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Images courtesy of LARQ