Protection is important fellas..and protection is really important when it comes to your car. The natural elements can be harsh on your vehicle and cause all sorts of paintwork and body damage. That is why making sure the sun, rain, wind, snow, sleet, and flying debris do not get the opportunity to contribute to said damage.

Protecting your car comes in all sorts of foams, liquids and waxes, but ever thought of a giant umbrella? The Lanmodo Pro 4-Season Automatic Car Tent Cover is essentially just that. These car tents are manufactured using triple layered PU oxford cloth and military grade fiberglass to ensure the elements are kept at bay. Using an umbrella can be a pain in the first place, so why would you want to get a huge one for your car? Well, unlike a usual umbrella, the car tent can be deployed and stowed away with the push of a button.

The tent will sit in a suction device attached to the roof of your car and controlled remotely to deploy and collapse, making the whole process effortless. The tent will not blow away or be stolen either as it comes complete with adjustable wind ropes and an anti-theft belt.

The roof tent is also useful at keeping your car cool on hot days, giving you some extra time in bed while you neighbour defrosts his car on winter mornings; and no more arguments with your better half on whose turn it is to clean the bird poop off the windshield.

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