Since its introduction shortly after World War II, the Land Rover has become a cherished icon of British practicality and style. Designed for both heavy work and casual driving, the Land Rover had originally been planned as a short-term production vehicle to get through the post-war rationing. It proved so popular, however, that it was soon outselling every other model vehicle available.

Restored Land Rovers have become very popular and coveted, and the beauty you see here is no exception. A restomod of a 1982 model that was already in pristine condition (no rust, no welding), the Land Rover Series III LWB by Cool & Vintage ($ Inquire) has been stripped down to to bare chassis and had every detail carefully checked, restored or replaced when reassembled.

The box-section chassis is original as are the axles and 2.25 liter diesel engine. The vehicle also sports water & UV-resistant seats, a custom black mohair hood, heavy duty wheels, new BF Goodrich mud tires, and military style windows. Finished in Light Matte Yellow, this superb Rover has only 19.000 miles from new, which means it can still take many trips to the beach. [via]