Land Rover thrilled everyone when it opened the waiting list for its upcoming Range Rover EV. Details were kept to a minimum and images only teased sections of the SUV. However, the company was also at the Miami Art Week for another big reveal announcement. What they unveiled as an exclusive production run dubbed the Range Rover Sport SV Edition One Miami.

Although not uncommon among carmakers, it’s considerably rare for the British marque to release special versions of the iconic models. Nonetheless, when it does, you can bet collectors won’t waste time to snap them up. The more recent ones we can recall are the Carmel Edition (Satin Bronze) and Deer Valley Edition (Deep Gloss Vermillion Red).

The Range Rover Sport SV Edition One Miami, on the other hand, is presented in a dazzling Maya Blue SV exterior. The paint job was reportedly inspired by the Atlantic Ocean’s dominant hue. Under the hood is a 4,4-liter twin-turbo mild-hybrid V8 supplied by BMW. Output was listed at 626 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. 

It can complete a zero to 60 mph sprint in 3.6 seconds, which is remarkable for a vehicle of its size and bulk. The Range Rover Sport SV Edition One Miami also comes with 23″ carbon fiber rims, bronze eight-piston Brembo Octyma calipers, carbon ceramic brakes, and a suspension system tuned by 6D Dynamics. 

The launch likely flew under the radar of many motoring enthusiasts given it was held at a non-automotive event. To promote the SUV, Land Rover called on Brooklyn-based artist Daniel Wurtzel to curate the venue. It was held at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, particularly at the Chase Sapphire lounge. Only seven examples of the Range Rover Sport SV Edition One Miami are available.

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Images courtesy of Land Rover