Despite Lancia’s current standing, rallying fans still hold their classic models in high regard. Perhaps the most legendary machine the manufacturer ever created was the Stratos. In fact, interested parties still find it difficult to spot one for sale given its timeless appeal. Nevertheless, we can at least look forward to production versions of the Pu+Ra HPE.

Save for a few automotive marques that still refuse to shift to green powertrains, almost every company already outlined their electrification roadmap. It’s great to see the Italian group share a teaser about what consumers can expect soon. So far, their eco-friendly platform seems to have all the bells and whistles discerning buyers look for in an EV.

Specifics regarding its output and components were unavailable as of this writing. Still, since the Pu+Ra HPE is currently just a concept, it would make more sense to share information when Lancia intends mass production. A teaser is better than nothing anyway, but we do have some ideas regarding the team’s targets.

According to Lancia, the Pu+Ra HPE should reach more than 435 miles before it needs to recharge. Its batteries can also fully top up in 10 minutes, which likely requires proprietary fast-charging technology to achieve. Aside from emission-free motoring, they’re also integrating sustainable materials to minimize environmental impact.

The glass is sourced from recycled windows, while natural fibers make up the carpet. Surplus fabric upholstery is another unique selling point of the Pu+Ra HPE. Lancia, calls it “the perfect synthesis of our idea of the future.” The clean minimalist interiors evoke coziness to make every trip an enjoyable experience.

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Images courtesy of Lancia