Lancia may no longer be a prominent player in the car industry anymore, but its remarkable racing heritage keeps it dear to many motorsport enthusiasts. Automobili Amos expresses its love for the marque with a new restomod it calls the Lancia Delta Safarista. Releases like it remind us of the undying demand for this automotive icon.

2016 saw two gearheads, Carlo Borromeo and Eugenio Amos form a shop that caters to hardcore fans of legendary vehicles. Furthermore, as the name tells us, the donor machine for its latest project is a Delta Integrale. Originally developed for rallying, it allowed Lancia to dominate competitions.

Automobili Amos understands what their client wants from their rides and gladly obliges with the Delta Safarista. Personalization options are almost limitless for every build, which other aftermarket outfits struggle to offer. Unlike the Futurista, they’re turning this model into a robust off-roader.

Given the two-tone panda color scheme of the promotional images, those from the drifting scene could mistake it for a Toyota Trueno A86 from afar. However, Automobili Amos will paint it in any shade or combination of your choosing. Expect to see some modern upgrades as well.

True to its roots, the Lancia Delta Safarista will be a highly capable rally car. From the outside, it now sports new fenders, mud flaps, bumpers, sidepods, exhaust system, wing, and more. Overall, it’s fully kitted out and race-ready the moment it rolls out of the garage.

Autotecnica then overhauls the powertrain to optimize all components for heavy-duty performance. It rides on an adjustable motorsport suspension. Automobili Amos then adds two bucket seats with 4 or 5-point harnesses and reinforced the Lancia Delta Safarista with a roll cage.

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Images courtesy of Automobili Amos