As many of its peers restructure their assembly lines to switch over to green mobility systems, Lamborghini also prepares to close out production of its V12 powertrain. Hence, exotic car collectors are on the lookout for what the marque has in store. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long as they unveil the Invencible and Auténtica.

Instead of bidding farewell with just one decisive example to showcase everything that stands for the emblem, the carmaker opts for two. Interested clients should know that these are both one-offs and each represents Lamborghini’s DNA in a coupe and roadster form. We believe buyers will want to own the duo given what they stand for.

The automotive industry is already aware of the company’s plans to switch from purely internal combustion engines only to hybrid setups. It seems every other name in the supercar scene also shares the same sentiment. Therefore, the Invencible and Auténtica could be the final opportunity to own a brand-new petrol-powered ride from Lamborghini.

Save for obvious differences in roof configurations, the two tout similar aesthetics outside and inside. The Invencible and Auténtica feature carbon fiber monocoque chassis and full carbon bodies. You are looking at clean and aggressive styling for the exterior, which evokes speed and performance. The 780-horsepower mid-mounted V12 engines are mated to seven-speed IRS transmissions that send power to all four wheels.

“We have created two one-offs with a unique character, inspired by the world of racing and the passion you experience at the racetrack,” notes Automobili Lamborghini Head of Design Mitja Borkert about the Invencible and Auténtica. “With these cars, the Lamborghini Centro Stile has expressed the utmost creativity applicable to the V12 platform; their design, elevated to a new level, best represents our unique DNA.”

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Images courtesy of Lamborghini