The way things are right now, it’s possible that tequila’s popularity will soon match or even rival that of other spirits. Aside from being a mixologist’s favorite ingredient in many alcoholic beverage recipes, people developed a taste for the agave-based alcohol. LALO Spirits adds to the growing number of labels available with its blanco tequila.

If you’re after an añejo or reposado, then it’s best to check out other bottles elsewhere. For now, the distillery is only offering the standard form. Each 750 ml LALO blanco tequila is bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. To showcase the liquid’s purity within, the vessel flaunts minimal cosmetic elements.

This ensures your focus is directly on what truly matters. The labeling is in white and indicates that the blanco tequila is from 100% blue agave. Moreover, the details indicate its distillation in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico. You can enjoy it in sips, shots, and as a wonderful addition to crafting your cocktail of choice.

However, it’s best that you experience the blanco tequila in the purest way possible. This way, drinkers can appreciate the body and texture distinct to this type of spirit. Meanwhile, the platinum hue of the bottle’s contents embodies aromas of sweet potato, cooked agave, cinnamon, and dulce. A sip reveals notes of tropical fruits and citrus.

“Each bottle of LALO is 100% pure. We distill only twice to maintain the integrity of our agave, and add no flavors or additives. With LALO, our ingredients are only agave, yeast and water to honor the complex essence of agave,” reads the product page.

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Images courtesy of LALO