Founded in 2011 for their passion in classic motorcycles, Macco Motors out of Spain really enjoys the retro aesthetic of such brands as Triumph, BMW, and Ducati. They prefer working with the clients for their custom bikes, so the needs of form versus the client’s ideas can be resolved.

A fabulous example of this dedication to classic form in a bespoke build is this 2007 Triumph they call the ‘Lady Speed’ ($NA). Beginning with a customized fiberglass tail section, the Spanish fellas completely restructured the sub-frame before adding the leather saddle mount. Other changes included the relocated ignition, the Bates-style yellow head light, and the Biltwell thruster grips. Hagon progressive springs were coupled with new Nitro shocks to give the Triumph ‘Lady Speed’ a much more stable ride.

The finishing touch to this perpetually classic machine was the matching of the Morgan green paint that the owner had appreciated on a Morgan three-wheeled automobile. Good choice, we say!