Either you wait the winter out through gritted teeth, your body constantly yammering from the extreme cold of the coming season, or you can escape from the cold dread and head to the La Valise Tulum, a beachside retreat in Mexico’s Tulum municipality.

As the town skirts the lush Caribbean coastline of the country’s Yucatán Peninsula, you’ll find it hardly surprising that the luxurious hotel offers startling views of the Caribbean Sea. Here, nature takes the spotlight. Rooms are styled like huts and there’s practically little to no barrier between the moment you jump out of bed and the instant you dip your toes in the pristine, rippling waters.

Even lying down inside your hotel room for some much-needed respite isn’t without added delight thanks to the handmade Palapa roofs, and suppose you feel the need to get up and walk around in the wee small hours, you’ll find comfort and historical charm in the form of Mexican artifacts and objects peppered about.

A lot of rooms boast their own terrace, even, complete with a hammock paving the way for serene and limpid views of the at once distant and up-front Caribbean while you simmer under the sun, piña coladas at the ready.

If the above doesn’t look like the perfect vacation to you, we don’t know what is. This is the essential paradise you’ve been dreaming about as you sit alone within the cold, gray-pressed walls of your office. Put those papers down, cash in those unused vacation leaves, and fly to La Valise Tulum as soon as possible. You can thank us later.


Photos courtesy of La Valise Hotels