The L1 flashlight is a jack of all trades. In the lighting aspect, it can cast a bright beam several feet away while maintaining brightness. This feature is often lost on others of its kind when changing focus in a single optic. It being a dual light source means it has separate LEDs and lenses to adapt to any lighting situation. 

This pocket torch emits two light beams simultaneously without sacrificing brightness and clarity. It has separate bottoms to turn on these separate lights accordingly. It packs a Thrower with a Luminus SST-40 LED that emits an impressive 2000 lumens. The optimized lenses allow for a long throw distance of 304 meters, which in length is equivalent to three football fields.

The L1 flashlight also has a Flooder fitted with an Osram P9 LED and an ultra-flood lens. This combination results in a wide 175-angle beam that can illuminate your surroundings with ease using broad and even lighting.  The Thrower has six brightness modes: Turbo (2000 Lumens), High (1000 Lumens), Medium (320 Lumens), Low (35 Lumens), Strobe (2000 Lumens), and SOS (320 Lumens). Meanwhile, the L1 Flooder has three: High, Medium, and Low with 1000, 380, and 25 Lumens, respectively. 

This portable light runs on a replaceable rechargeable 21700 4800mAh battery that provides up to 90 hours of power in Low mode for the Floor and 60 hours for the Throw. It only takes 2.5 hours for a full charge using a USB-C cable and the battery comes with overcurrent and overvoltage protection. The battery also doubles as a power bank. 

The L1 flashlight is even built for the outdoors with its aircraft-grade aluminum shell finished with Type III hardcoat anodizing. It is also IP68-rated waterproof and shock resistant. You can submerge it underwater for an hour. Moreover, this is an ergonomic, right-angled flashlight with a 180° rotating head and magnetic tailcap. 

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Images courtesy of Luxbeak