We greatly respect people who despite their physical limitations still pursue the thrill of an adventure. These admirable souls choose not to use their disabilities as an excuse not to have fun or explore what the world has to offer. Certain groups of these individuals rely on the humble wheelchair to get where they’re going, but innovations made to improve its usability have been scarce over the years. This leads us to highlight the Kuschall Superstar Graphene wheelchair

One aspect that matters greatly when designing a wheelchair is the weight. Most conventional models employ the use of stainless steel that adds a significant heft. There are others that shift to lighter but robust metals such as aluminum and titanium.

Using aerospace-grade materials, the Swiss company crafted a uniquely redesigned product. According to the manufacturer, it is the lightest wheelchair in the world right now. This is reportedly made possible through the use of graphene—a remarkable material that’s 10 times tougher than diamond and 200 times stronger than steel. Moreover, its special properties make it lightweight and flexible at the same time.

Meanwhile, Kuschall confirms that it reworked the position of the wheels to reduce possible injuries sustained users over the years. With a little help from racing technology, the Superstar Graphene will make maneuvering easier and responsive. You can also make out a pair of LED headlights on each side of the footrest.

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Photos courtesy of Kuschall