In Seki City, located in Gifu Prefecture of Japan, skilled swordsmiths recognized the magic of this blessed land over 800 years ago. The region’s high-quality soil and pristine water breathed life into blades of unparalleled strength and razor-sharp precision.

The blades born in this place were praised as “unbreakable, unbendable, and exceptionally sharp,” and were also cherished by the samurai of ancient Japan.

Kurenai is indeed a knife that embodies the reverence of these blades’ birthplace, crafted with the discerning eyes and delicate craftsmanship of artisans—a true ‘Japan-made’ knife.

Elegant Design Meets Japanese Blade Expertise

Kurenai is a masterpiece born from extensive dialogues with companies that have led the Japanese blade industry for over a century in Seki City. In terms of appearance, it features a Damascus pattern that will captivate you with its breathtaking beauty at first glance.

Additionally, considering overall performance, including durability and ease of maintenance in typical households, AUS-8 material is used. The knife boasts a hardness rating of HRC 58-60, and its handle, constructed from laminated reinforced wood, features an octagonal design ensuring a comfortable grip, even for those with larger hands.

The knives’ overall design embodies an elegant aesthetic reminiscent of the swords used by samurai warriors, making them an ideal complement to the knives produced in Seki, a renowned center for traditional Japanese swordcraft. The choice of black and red hues further enhances elements that evoke Japan’s cultural essence.

Each Kurenai knife is a masterpiece born from the meticulous adjustments of artisans down to 0.01mm precision. The difference from products mass-produced by machines all at once brings a sense of superiority that only those who have actually held one can experience.

A Genuine Knife Will Become Your Lifelong Companion


The group behind the development of the Kurenai project is a ‘Made in Japan” lifestyle company called douzo. By leveraging best-in-class, time-honored, traditional craftsmanship, douzo delivers bespoke, durable, Japanese products to a global audience.

Thus, through the Kurenai project, douzo aims to transform the conventional practice of regularly replacing inexpensive knives in pursuit of a fresh edge. Instead, they strive to deliver long-lasting Japanese knives to the world, knives that can endure for 10 or 20 years, thereby reshaping the way people interact with their cutlery.

In fact, in Japan, there is a tradition of passing down a single knife through generations, and there is also a belief that the quality and sharpness of a knife play a role in determining the taste of the daily meals that a family enjoys.

Back the Kurenai Project on Kickstarter with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Currently, on Kurenai’s Kickstarter page, they offer two types of knives for sale. The first is the Gyuto, a versatile chef’s knife cherished by cooking enthusiasts for its ability to handle a wide range of tasks, from vegetables and fruit to meat and fish. The second is the Petty Knife, incredibly agile and convenient for smaller tasks.

Furthermore, as an add-on, the KURENAI Rolling Sharpener, a roll-type sharpener designed for easy and effective sharpening, is available for purchase.

Their products come with a full refund guarantee within 30 days of receiving them, allowing you to support them on Kickstarter without concerns about the common risks associated with crowdfunding. For more details, please visit Kurenai’s Kickstarter page.