Placed on a hill overlooking the city of Almora in the Indian Himalayas–a sacred place of contemplation where great people like DH Lawrence, Timothy Leary, and Bob Dylan among others, have often traveled to seek spiritual enlightenment, the Kumaon Hotel is an idyllic mountain retreat that submerges you into the stunning natural landscape.

The hotel (perched 5,250 ft above sea level) is made up of various buildings scattered around a 2.5-acre plot of land. The main building houses a lounge, library, reception, kitchen, and a cantilevered dining room that sits out over the valley, while the five chalets available offer two rooms each.

Constructed in traditional ways, the picturesque getaway uses local materials such as the fly ash brick, kaddapa (black stone), bamboo, Kota granite, and pinewood. A magical place for meditation, surrounded by arresting mountain views.

Book at Kumaon Hotel $200/night

Photos By Akshay Sharma