Bob Dylan does more than sing and play guitar. The multi-faceted artist is also a painter, a Nobel Prize-winning author, skilled metalworker, and now, a whiskey maker. He’s just released a trio of award-winning concoctions, called the Heaven’s Door Whiskeys.

Produced in collaboratrion with different master distillers and blenders from across the US, the collection of handcrafted whiskeys includes a Tennessee Straight Bourbon (90 Proof), aged for more than 6 1/2 years in American Oak barrels; a Double Barrel Whiskey (100 Proof) that blends three different whiskeys finished in hand-toasted, new American oak barrels for a secondary aging; and a Straight Rye Whiskey (92 Proof) that goes through a proprietary finishing in toasted oak cigar barrels, resulting in “a smoother, more approachable rye with notes of orange peel, coriander, and spice.”

The whiskeys are presented in beautiful bottles (adorned with drawings of the iron gates created by Dylan) and will be available mid-May, but can be preordered now.

Buy From Heaven’s Door $60-$90