From the makers of Bosun’s Edge knife comes another timeless cutting instrument “inspired by tales of maritime beasts from below.” The Kraken Blade by Oceanus Brass can handle big and heavy jobs and made for adventurers.

This rugged multipurpose knife is perfect for seafarers, outdoorsmen, or those who love any great adventure. It uses a replaceable No. 1992 steel utility blade that can withstand hard use. The solid brass ensures great edge retention and corrosion resistance. This knife works great on any EDC tasks as well as a sailing or camping gear or a general work tool as you don’t have to worry about it getting chipped, dull, bent, or broken.

The blade on this folding pocket knife is not just for cutting. It is great for nipping and carving too. Its pointy tip can even perform delicate puncturing jobs.

The Kraken Blade is ambidextrous and features a seamless blade deployment. A quick forward snapping motion unlocks the blade from its magnetic hold. It boasts a reliable and intuitive mechanism so you can perform slicing, cutting, and any tasks with ease and comfort.

A mainstay of Oceanus Brass knives is the Bow-Shackle. It makes for a great tether point to a carabiner, your bag, or any carrying tools.  This nautically-inspired knife is perfect for everyday use with its refined and elegant aesthetics. Its durability is a “testament to the harsh demands of the bygone era.”  It is also compact at just 9 ounces in weight and 4.4 inches when closed, sans the Bow Shackle. It sits comfortably in the hands with its slim frame.

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Images courtesy of Oceanus Brass