Thomas Edison was more useful than one bright idea; he also invented the phonograph. This old school design has been brought back to the future in the Kozmophone, making for an eye-catching speaker.

The standout feature of this speaker is the horn it grants you. That stylish old horn of a phonograph added to this product oozes elegant class and is complemented by a number of modern features. Starting with the horn, it can be rotated to direct sound in any direction which also allows you to place the speaker in any location without issues.

It can also be detached to be portable and to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Moving on, from the horn, the speakers turntable has an integrated feature to connect other speakers or for use as a Hi-Fi setup. Yet, one of the coolest features we have saved for last. The product’s main cylinder can charge a smartphone and hosts multiple hologram animations to be changed at your discretion using the sleek Kozmophone app.

Deciding to get one of these is a no brainer. What is a bit of a decision is which color you will get it in as there is a few options, 6 to be exact!