Belts have long existed to provide extra support when wearing jeans, trousers, and other articles of clothing. They hold up clothing in a similar fashion to garters or suspenders. Belts come in many sizes, colors, designs, and source material. These fashion accessories also prove handy as survival tools and usually come with a buckle and holes for waist adjustment. But the Kore Tactical Gun Belt does away with the holes in exchange for tracks.

Hidden tracks line the back so there are no estimates when it comes to a precise fit or cinch around the waist. The tracks also provide a comfortable and secure grip which makes the Tactical Gun Belt from Kore Essentials a good option for a gun holster since it provides fast draw no matter the size of the firearm.

Designed for heavy-duty use, the Kore Tactical Gun Belt can support a variety of items not limited to firearms. It can hold a flashlight, water bottle, beer bottle, and more thanks to its infinitely adjustable straps that offer versatility in use and freedom of movements. You don’t have to worry about a loose or too tight fit and you can just about wrap anything around the belt that you wish to carry on the go.

Ingenious Trakline Technology

Kore Tactical Gun Belt

The Kore Tactical Gun Belt stands apart from traditional belts because of its patented Trakline technology, which ensures a precise fit for all-day comfort. As you go about your day, the belt stays snug around your waist so there are no limited movements. The tracks also allow for easy adjustments according to your preference.

The 10″ tracks are virtually indestructible and strategically sewn into the back of the belt for a discreet and streamlined look. It has over 40+ size notches built ¼ inches apart from each other. This tech makes the Kore Tactical Gun Belt 8x more adjustable than belts with holes. The tracks take the burden of having to worry about the holes stretching and losing its purpose, or worse, having to punch another slot just to achieve your desired fit.

Flexible and Strong

The Kore Tactical Gun Belt has a nylon web outer layer (rated to 500 lbs), a Super-Fiber interior lining for water protection, and the brand’s proprietary Reinforced Power-Core center for strength and flexibility and for overall durability. This makes the tactical version stiffer and more rigid than the leather version.

Thus, it can support heavier loads and more gear. It can support small to full-size firearms, magazines, and other EDC. It has a max load capacity of 8 lbs.

Secured Buckles

When it comes to belt buckles, you don’t want them flimsy. You want them rock solid, sturdy and tight and with the Kore Tactical Gun Belt, you can be certain that the belt does not easily pull out of the buckle unless you remove the screws. The buckle firmly secures the belt in place regardless of movement. It prevents accidental snags that often come with the tip of the belt hanging loose.

The Kore Tactical Gun Belt uses heavy-duty ratcheting buckles that feature the brand’s reliable, durable and smooth spring-loaded system. It does not stick and securely holds the belt through a row of large teeth clamp and two sets of M4 x 7mm L screws. They are interchangeable with any of the tactical X series buckles: the 1.5 inches wide or the beefier Garrison which is 1.75 inches wide. They are also made of either zinc alloy with an electroplated gunmetal or black powder-coat finish or in solid stainless steel.

The buckle comes off in seconds so it makes belt swapping or airport security checks at TSA a breeze. It even doubles as a bottle opener, which is a true testament to its solid construction.

Elegant, Fashionable, and Form-Fitting

Kore Tactical Gun Belt

You don’t want people to know what you’re carrying especially when you have a firearm with you. Thus, the Kore Tactical Gun Belt remains discreet no matter the occasion. It adapts to your form and fashion. It looks elegant and stylish whether you dress for work or play. An added Velcro-style belt keeper helps keep the tip of the belt flush with your pants for a streamlined look.

The belt is sleek and slim at barely an inch thick and just 1.5 inches wide. It comes in gray, green, black, and tan colors with the difference in the buckle design only. It is ideal for either OWB, IWB, or APENDDIX carry.


If you’re looking for a gun belt that offers flexibility and comfort without sacrificing durability and optimum quality, then get your hands on the Kore Tactical Gun Belt. It does not crack, stretch, and assures a precise fit anytime and all the time.

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