Dubbed “the world’s sharpest sunglasses,” the Kolari Shades is designed not only to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. Bt also your privacy from infrared-based facial recognition systems. It provides “unparalleled clarity and spectral protection through superior optics.” 

Kolari is able to incorporate infrared protection into this stylish eyewear by using glass lenses instead of plastic. Glass enables the addition of IR-blocking coatings to the lenses, which are technologically infeasible to add to plastic ones. This tech goes all the way back to the first sunglasses ever made which was designed to prevent cataracts especially for those working with fire. But as time goes by, sunglasses switched its focus on blocking UV rays.

Kolari Shades block all damaging light— visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light up to 100% for UV light and 99% of IR light, which is shown to lead to eye damage that could lead to cataracts. It uses ultra-strong and ultra-sharp flat Corning Gorilla Glass lenses in lightweight yet strong titanium frames to withstand rugged conditions.

Moreover, it has extra-durable anti-reflective and anti-smudge coatings to protect the lenses from environmental damage. These include the common debris and scratches, so they stay clear and crisp and easier to clean even with the most stubborn smudge. 

Adding to its clarity is the use of color-neutral lenses so you can see the world around you as it is. Kolari Shades may block UV and IR rays but not alter the color of your world. These sunglasses provide your eyes the most rested, neutral experience possible to minimize eye fatigue. It is available in three frame designs: Wide Aviator, Wayfarer-Style, and Clubmaster-Style.

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Images courtesy of Kolari