Navigating remote lakes and rivers has just gotten easier and more accessible thanks to the ultra-light Kokopelli Rogue Packraft that can be packed down to the size of a roll of paper, so you can easily haul it to your next adventure spot.

Boasting a kevlar-reinforced floor that makes for compact packaging and toughness, the raft weighs in at just 4.9-lb and can be carried in a backpack or strapped to a bicycle’s handlebars via four (or six) D-ring attachment points.

Complete with 210-denier TPU-coated nylon sidewalls and double-tape seam reinforcements, the vessel comes in a lite version with a maximum carry capacity of 325 lb, and a slightly heavier model (7.5-lb) fitted with a full seat with kayak-style back band and spraydeck. Both models include an inflatable seat cushion, inflation bag, and repair kit.

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