Whiskey lovers already know that chocolate goes rather well with their favorite blends. In fact, most types of desserts are best eaten with a glass of the spirit that you can sip to cut back the sweetness of the treats. To our surprise and delight, Koko Black – an Australian chocolatier – is teaming up with fellow Aussie brewery Modus Operandi. Together, they’re giving us the Koko Black x MODUS Choc Hazelnut Belgian Stout.

Those who enjoy their ales should agree that stouts normally impart the taste of dark chocolate or coffee. The use of darker grains as well as the roasting process contributes to its darker shade and bolder flavors. Thus, the Koko Black x MODUS is what they call a Choc Hazelnut Belgian Stout.

Now this is what we would love to call our idea of a late-night treat. We already know how addicting a certain chocolate hazelnut spread and its many versions can be. Now, imaging those notes pairing perfectly with the signature bitter taste of the amber brew.

We envy our friends from The Land Down Under who get to sample the Choc Hazelnut Belgian Stout in a special event. To be specific, this would be the Great Australian Beer Spectacular in Melbourne this weekend. Attending the occasion is Koko Black’s Remco Brigou and “Beer Diva” Kirrily Waldhorn.

A Four-pack of the Koko Black x MODUS retail for $35. Also, you can grab the Limited Edition Modus Operandi x Koko Black Beer Hamper set online for $99. This bundle includes a box of The Nuts to Caramel Collection 18-piece, one 200g Roasted Toasted Hazelnuts in dark chocolate, one 130g Hazelnut Gianduja Bombs in milk chocolate, and a four-pack of the Choc Hazelnut Belgian Stout.

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Images courtesy of Koko Black/Modus Operandi