NOVITEC may not be quite yet on Tesla’s level of ubiquity, but it has its fair share of fans. Their current lineup still has room to grow, the available models are both outstanding EVs. Since the marque promotes sustainability, it held a contest last year wherein designers could showcase their eco-friendly concepts. The KOJA earned an honorable mention.

The 2021 Polestar Design Contest 2021 saw some of the most impressive works related to mobility. Many of the submissions showcased the future of personal and public transport. Others went even further with flying platforms. Finnish designer Kristian Talvitie, on the other hand, presented a minimalist treehouse.

Although Polestar did not limit entries to EVs only but says that it should embody the theme “progressive.” While everyone else was coming up with campers, bikes, buses, a driving simulator, SUVs, and even flying cars, Talvitie was drafting a blueprint for the KOJA.

Surprisingly, people can check out what it looks like in real life. If you are ever in southwest Finland a full-scale version of the treehouse stands in the wooded village of Fiskars. From what we can gather, the KOJA will function as a cabin for rent that immerses you in nature.

The structure uses a tree trunk as a solid foundation. Meanwhile, its construction will use durable yet sustainable materials from local sources. A flight of stairs leads up to a single volume with an open floor plan. It features a façade with wraparound glazing and a skylight.

This floods the interiors with natural lighting during the day. We can see two pull-out beds. The KOJA is a great way to let people experience the great outdoors with some creature comforts.

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Images courtesy of Polestar/Kristian Talvitie