Independent Swiss watchmaker Klokers has just released details of their third totally non-conformist offering, the KLOK-08. Just like its predecessors, the new model has a 1960’s slide rule inspired dial design. Intended as a unisex watch, the KLOK-08 fits into a 39mm stainless steel case.

Unlike regular watches where the hands circle a fixed dial, the KLOK-08 instead features two concentric disks that move counter-clockwise so the time is displayed under a stationary vertical magnifying strip that has been superimposed on the triple injected glass dome. Powered by a quartz caliber Ronda Swiss movement, the outer ring features hours and minutes with the inner ring showing seconds.

Also known for interchangeable accessories, KLOK-08 has a quick-release feature that lets you move the case to one of three options; the wristband, pocket watch clip, or a folding desk stand. The clean and stylish timepiece comes with either a rose gold, black, or grey case and four options of wristband.

Preorder from Klokers $180