The Klhip Ultimate Clipper is the “world’s first ergonomically correct nail clipper.” It’s unlike any of its kind because of its unique design. It has a forward-facing lever so you put pressure on the nail itself and not on the handle, making for an efficient cutting process. 

The ergonomic design means you’re not doing the usual back-to-front cutting which can sometimes cause strain on the hands. Instead, the strategically-designed lever gives you increased and better control and leverage and a comfortable grip as you trim those nails. Increased leverage also equates to effortless clipping and superior cutting action.

Moreover, the Klhip Ultimate Clipper provides smooth and accurate cuts thanks to precision-engineered, razor-sharp blades. This means you don’t have to do additional filing and clippings.  Not to mention, this clipper looks sleek and elegant and is just the right size to sit comfortably in your grip.

Speaking of grip, it has a textured handle with a non-slip surface on the bottom and thumb pad. Meanwhile, a rare earth magnet holds the lever in place when folded up. It even has a cavity to hold your nail clippings so you can throw all of them in one go.

The Klhip Ultimate Clipper is built to last with its durable 440C stainless steel construction. As with other nail cutters, this one is also compact so you can put it in your bag or in your pocket. It measures 2.25″ long and 0.5″ wide. Made in Japan and assembled in Vietnam, this clipper is also lightweight at just 26 grams and comes with its own leather case for safe storage.

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Images courtesy Klhip