Depending on the person’s outlook, the snow season can bring about a lot of fun or some grueling challenges. The former typically involves recreational activities, sports, and maybe the holidays. On the flip side, snowfall can cause a myriad of issues for homeowners and motorists alike. The latter faces an even bigger problem when the roads become slippery due to ice buildup. Thankfully, we can equip vehicles with these Snow Socks Pro Series from K&K Auto Accessories.

Technically, there are several ways you can go about it. The usual is to slap on some chains or tire traction devices. Another method, albeit a time-consuming one, is to swap out your regular rubber for winter tires. However, it requires you to put the regular ones back in once the season changes. With the K&K Auto Accessories Snow Socks Pro Series, on the other hand, the process is straightforward and convenient.

Why Should You Get The Snow Socks Pro Series Instead?

As we pointed out before, traditional traction aids involve time, effort, and might even push your patience to the brink of collapse in some situations. What drew us to consider the use of snow socks, in general, is the installation procedure. As long as the local legislation does not require vehicles to switch to winter tires, these bad boys should get the job done.

It doesn’t even matter if the vehicle is an all-wheel-drive capable beast because it will still lose grip. Chains and cables are mainstays during winter but can damage your wheels and tires if they’re hooked up improperly. Hence, the K&K Auto Accessories Snow Socks Pro Series is an awesome solution to ensure safety and performance when the roads become slippery from snow or ice. Moreover, they’re a breeze to put on and are available in a wide range of tire sizes.

Design And Technology

The Snow Socks Pro Series is crafted out of lightweight yet heavy-duty cords and “three-dimensional fabric technology” that delivers optimal grip and traction in snowy conditions. While the standard variant sports a white colorway with black trims, this flagship version is in dark gray with red for contrast. The elastic sections on the outer edges provide a snug fit as it hugs the sidewalls.

 “Our snow socks are the result of decades of research and innovation. Our products are tested by independent EU labs in Austria and certified for their superior performance,” reads the store page. The company notes that the Snow Socks Pro Series are “EN-16662-1 and DAkkS certified, Approved Alternate Traction Devices (ATD) per Colorado Department of Transportation (Ref #:5501-22).” Additionally, these are legal snow chain alternatives in all 50 states in the U.S.A.

Real-World Testing And Installation Process

A recent video by The Fast Lane Car on YouTube shows the remarkable difference it makes on a Toyota 4Runner. The team operated the mid-size SUV in 2WD and 4WD modes with and without the K&K Auto Accessories product. The machine admirably tried its best to do an uphill climb and attempt a downhill stop with stock Dunlop all-season tires. As expected, it failed.

They then ran the same tests but this time with the accessories on the rear (traction) tires. To their surprise, the results were impressive. The package includes a set of two Snow Socks Pro Series, a white bag for when they are wet, a black bag for storage, and a pair of gloves. As the name says, these slip on over your vehicle’s tires like socks on your feet.

After about 3/4 of the way, you need to drive forward or backward a bit to completely cover everything with the remaining bit. The edges should sit just above or a little over the rims, but adjustments can be made easily along the way. Once the alignment is satisfactory, perform a test drive to check if the traction devices retain their position. If so, then you’re good to go.

Keep in mind to verify the dimensions of the tires to choose the right size before purchase. K&K Auto Accessories indicates that the product is intended for speeds of up to 25 mph only. Likewise, these should not be used on mud, sleet, sand, or gravel. The manufacturer designed it specifically for seamless installation and removal. Don’t forget to take them off once you reach a dry road to avoid unnecessary damage.

Our Takeaway

Given how snow can easily make driving dangerous when a vehicle is unprepared, K&K Auto Accessories understands exactly what consumers need. Although the necessity of chains and other types of traction aids won’t necessarily go away anytime soon, it’s great to see options like the Snow Socks Pro Series in the market. These are handy in a pinch and ideally, just take about five minutes to attach or remove.

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