When it comes to EDC knives or blades in general, there’s not really much to innovate. Perhaps the use of special materials or maybe the introduction of new manufacturing methods count as such. Nonetheless, Kizer prepares to launch the Rhino – its latest folder. Aside from the sleek and stylish design, it also touts a unique folding gimmick.

To be honest, we’re not exactly sure how Kizer hopes to market this mechanism. Still, just the fact that how users can deploy or close the Rhino should give it an advantage over other contemporary models. We always love to see how engineers come up with ways to integrate magnets into anything.

You can actually flip open each scale separately and they will recouple with a satisfying snap courtesy of the magnetic system. The Rhino is an EDC knife, from a label that might not be as prestigious as the rest out there. Yet, enthusiasts and collectors have lauded many of its previous outings.

This implies the craftsmanship and durability is presumably top-notch, which is what you need to always consider. Survival experts will tell you to never compromise quality as it could mean life or death in certain scenarios.

Not to worry, because Kizer endows the Rhino with a Wharncliffe blade forged out of S35VN stainless steel. Moreover, the stonewashed finish adds a satin luster to the metal. It then matches with a pair of titanium scales with a classy two-tone aesthetic.

The anodized blue is a welcome contrast to the otherwise dull gray of the metal. Also, a section of the handles features knurling to improve your grip. Finally, the tip-up pocket clip secures the Rhino in place during transport.

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Images courtesy of Kizer Knives