Kith looked no further than Wilson and Butterfly Tennis Tables when it decided to create a ping pong table. The outcome is a luxury limited-edition table aptly called the Kith for Wilson Ping Pong Table.

Priced at $2,450, the table is designed to be portable so you can play a round anytime and anywhere. It uses Butterfly’s professional easy-fold-up design and features eight rollaway wheels (four on each opposing end) for enhanced mobility. It also comes with a clip-on net. 

The team constructed the table from 100% high-density fiberboard (HDF) or hardboard, which is impact resistant and durable. HDF is likewise known for its moisture resistance, so it doesn’t warp and expand under humid temperatures.

In terms of branding, the Kith for Wilson Ping Pong Table has Kith monogram branding all over the table’s surface. The branding is loud yet also manages to be subtle so that it comes out as part of the handsome design. Meanwhile, Kith for Wilson co-branded logo is on opposite corners, and the “Kith & Kin Paddle Crew” wording is marked along the edges of the table.

Purchase of this sporting equipment comes with a special limited-edition box containing two Wilson paddles and three table tennis balls featuring the “kith” logo on one side and the Wilson branding on the other.

The Kith for Wilson Ping Pong Table offers the perfect balance between convenience and aesthetics with its striking design and fold-up feature. The table is part of Kith and Wilson’s on-court and off-court collection for 2023 which includes sporting equipment, accessories, and apparel.    

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Images courtesy of Kith